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  • Leonor Zamora + Airplanes

    Leonor Zamora – Cancion Del Marinero / Siento Que Llego El Amor [Areito, EPA-6330]

    Take a listen to this obscuro beat/mod/shaker 45 from Leonor Zamora coupled with a cool picture sleeve.

    I find the similarities of Orquesta Cubana de Musica Moderna’s Directo Desde Cuba and Leonor Zamora’s Cancion Del Marinero / Siento Que Llego El Amor sleeves interesting. The Directo Desde Cuba cover features a Russian Tupolev CU-T903 and the Zamora 45 cover depicts a Soviet Ilyushin Il-62 both with the Cubana de Aviación design (general photos here and here). The designer credited on the Directo Desde Cuba album is M. A. Machin (Thank you, Medline). No designer is credited on the Leonor Zamora 45. I haven’t found information on M. A. Machin yet. While it’s most likely a stretch, perhaps Machin designed the Zamora sleeve too. Either way, both covers depict the Cubana de Aviación design (and look nice side by side).

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  • Noelvis + Los Barba + Omara

    I made a post regarding Pacho Alonso Y Su Pachucos and graphic designer Noelvis in late 2012. Recently, I’ve photographed and recorded many Cuban 45’s to post here soon. As I go through my collection of Cuban records I am slowly but surely making note of graphic designers for each release when credited. The Los Barba 45 is one of the first rock-related Cuban releases I really fell in love with and the cover is designed by Noelvis. While going through a stack of recent arrivals to record, I noticed an Omara Portuondo 45 I hadn’t listened to yet. However, I noticed right away that the Omara lettering on the front is the exact same twig-style as Los Tainos’s self-titled LP. I have to assume it’s designed by Noelvis, though she is not credited on the back. Like many Cuban albums, the graphic designer is not credited. I feel it’s safe to say it’s her work at this point due to the twig-style lettering similarities.

    While there are prolific poster designers like Eduardo Muñoz Bachs (1937-2001), who even designed LP album art (Ñico Rojas | De Cuba La Amistad Y mi Canto), I wonder if there are album designers that carry such status.

    So far, I’ve found the following releases with design credited to Noelvis:

    Pacho Alonso Y Sus Pachucos Upa Upa LP [Areito, LDS-3417]
    Los Van Van s/t LP [Areito, LDS-3425]
    Los Llamas s/t LP [Areito, LDS-3430]
    Grupo Monumental, La Monumental LP [Areito, LD-3532]
    Los Brito s/t LP [Areito, LD-3591]
    Los Bucaneros s/t LP [Areito, LD-3288]
    Los Tainos s/t LP [Areito, LD-3650]

    Los Barba 45 [Areito, EPA-6221]
    Omara Portuondo 45 [Areito, EPA-6235]

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  • Ricardo Eddy Martinez - Yeye Son / Este Tumbao

    Ricardo Eddy Martinez Y Expreso Rimico – Yeye Son / Este Tumbao [Areito, 45-7043]

    Before I landed a copy of Ricardo Eddy Martinez’s funk masterpiece Expreso Ritmico, I had to sit tight with the Yeye Son / Este Tumbao 45. It is time to share a little bit of that special album from one of the 45’s containing tracks on the LP.

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